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Stop dreaming you can be a successful actor. Begin it NOW. Step one-TRAIN. Get great.  The Actors is the place to learn how to attack your craft and career with provocative risk and fearless abandon. As the actors industry changes to zoom meetings and self tapes, Coach Alyson Croft is at the for front of this new frontier. She will guide you to mastering your craft, the self tape, any type of audition and solidify/refine your process.  Gain undeniable confidence and crafty skills. There is only one YOU. BEGIN it NOW!


Why Coach Alyson Croft?  She has been teaching and coaching for 15+ years.  She is a trained veteran working actor with 30+ years of experience in front of the camera.  She has worked in T.V. and Film opposite Chadwick Boseman, Helen Hunt, Dick Van Dyke, Micheal J.Fox, Cherry Jones, George Newbern, Brad Pitt etc....The Actors is the perfect place to build the foundation, get back in fighting shape, love the process and create layered unique characters for any genre. Coach Alyson Croft is dedicated to teaching you the skills to becoming a committed, consistent and confident actor with a killer mindset who can not be ignored!  Be BOLD about your future success.


Students and guests say....

Tattoo Artist

“If it seems planned, it’s not gonna land”
"To be a generous, vulnerable and connected actor is to be GREAT."
"There are actors who affect us emotionally, there are actors who are interesting to watch, there are very few who have the skill to do BOTH.  Strive for BOTH."

Alyson Croft


Breakthroughs Happen Here

Mafia Man at Night Black and White

Adult Class Tues./Wed 7pm-10pm

Scene Study/Improv

In our weekly classes we tackle film and television roles, comedy and drama.  In addition, there is a focus on audition techniques, self tape, emotional connection and industry standards based on Croft’s extensive experience.  Croft focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses with a supportive and creative approach.  Special exercises, improv and meditation is sprinkled through and added to the actors repertoire.  Also, special guest drop-ins.
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Private Coaching

AUDITION- In this one on one, 1 hour session via zoom or in person, get a skilled eye to help you through the whole process.  This is by far the best way to nail your audition and make a lasting impression, every time.

PRIVATE- In this intensive 1 hour session you will hone your craft and create with Coach Croft.  If you are new or a veteran, this is an opportunity to accelerate your training foundation, dust off skills, eliminate any bad habits or get prepared for an upcoming role. On set and studio coaching available.



Audition Private $75

1 hour Private $90

Class $60 / $220-month

Premium Class Pass $350 

Special Guest Session TBD

Commercial Class $60 

Editing Coach $60

Industry/Career Run Down $50 

Book Now text 323-620-2857

  Preferred Payment- Venmo, Zelle 

Get in touch for more information about these and other course offerings.

Orchestra Audience


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